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  • Quality Assurance
  • Digiflo users can pre-define image quality parameters and the stages at which they should be carried out to ensure consistent quality output across all kinds of media. With an embedded mechanism to review the results after each check, an item moves to the next stage only upon fulfilling the quality requirements.
  • Final packaging of deliverables
  • With Digiflo, you can generate METS, ALTO and SIP files based on your specific presentation layer requirements.
  • Reporting suite
  • Digiflo’s reporting suite can help you to track the current status of the individual workflow stages at any given point in time including user data, error description data, metadata details, folder & media nomenclature, pie charts of project progress etc.
  • Multilingual
  • Digiflo can be used with / is available in unlimited number of languages
  • Inbuilt image processing tools
  • Using Digiflo, pre-define all your image processing activities like image conversion (tiff to JPG, tiff to JP2000), autocrop, deskew, invert, rotate, resolution, IPTC tags etc. even before beginning the project.
  • Project level configurations
  • Digiflo allows you to make configurations at an individual project level and also lets you simultaneously run multiple projects for the same/different kinds of media like newspapers, books, microfilms etc.
  • Tracking and review of resources
  • Digiflo allows you to monitor, track and generate reports pertaining to resources, like manpower and other assets and their efficiency, at every workflow stage.
  • Managing users and roles at project level
  • Digiflo lets you assign individual users and define their specific roles thus ensuring security and right to access within the project and helps you to keep track and make sure that only authorized personnel are carrying out their respective jobs
  • Integration with OCR engines and structural analysis
  • Digiflo helps you in the creation of ALTO and structural analysis of individual pages and layout analysis of Newspapers and articles
  • Configurable workflows
  • Digitization projects consist of multiple activities/stages like Scanning, Quality checks, OCR and Image processing that need to carried out. Digiflo allows you to configure and pre-define the activities necessary for the project and makes sure they are implemented in a sequential manner.
  • Configurable Metadata - Basic, Structural and Page
  • Create, edit, update, delete unlimited number of fields for Basic (Author, Edition, Barcode), Structural (Page type, Page number, Creator etc.), Metadata schema (Dublincore, Mets) and structural metadata (MARC, MODS, PREMISE).
  • Configurable file and folder naming conventions
  • Digiflo allows you to pre-define file and folder naming structure for your complete project to ensure consistent nomenclature
  • IPTC and EXIF information handling
  • Digiflo has a facility to read and embed information in the file headers.
  • Import and export of data
  • Digiflo can seamlessly import data from XML, excel, csv etc. and also export data like reports, metadata schemas into those formats
  • Layout analysis
  • Digiflo enables creation of Layout analysis, grouping of zones, extraction of articles, extraction of text within articles and creation of ALTO & METS for Newspapers
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